What is TFP Modeling?

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What is TFP Modeling?
TFP modeling is also known as Time for Prints type of modeling which has an entirely different approach in terms of professional fee. This occurs when a specific model or talent is not entitled of cash compensations for the particular shoot. Instead of receiving monetary payment, the model receives the output of the shoot which is the photos or printed pictures.

This modeling type is still deemed beneficial for both the photographer and model present during the shoot. There are no hourly fees or per-session payment however they could still get innumerable profits from the said shoot. Enhancing and improving their portfolios is one of the many advantages they could get. Time is the only element they are spending or investing on this type of modeling session.

Models and talents add more images and pictures to better enhance and promote their portfolios to make impact to potential clients. Photographers on the other hand commit to this endeavor in order to gain invaluable experience especially for modeling shoot portfolios. Without monetary recompense, both parties are still in the winning end for the said modeling activity.

Why do talents go for TFP modeling? Models which are new and aspiring great careers and potential opportunities in the wide fashion and modeling realm consider it as their stepping stone. They go for this type of shoot in order to come up with more pictures and images that would boost their portfolios and chances of attracting potential clients and employers. Through producing quality images, they could promote their talents and modeling skills to land paying jobs in the future.

TFP modeling is a field in the modeling industry which is almost often filled with amateur and newbie photographers and talents. Nevertheless, there are still professional photographers who consider working with novice models who do not have the means to pay their professional fees.

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