What is Tekka?

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What is Tekka?
Tekka is a mineral condiment prepared by using finely minced carrots, lotus root, ground sesame seeds, and burdock root or cocklebur. It is slowly cooked using hatcho miso and unrefined sesame oil.

According to its maker, George Ohsawa, tekka is a strong condiment, which is similar to salt but has more complex qualities. Tekka has a high concentration. Just a moderate amount, say somewhere around one quarter to one and a half teaspoon, can already be used to add flavor or nutrients to dishes.

Japanese people often take a small amount of tekka to sprinkle over noodles, salad, or vegetables.

The name Tekka comes from the words tetsu, which means iron, and ka, which means fire. The literal interpretation of the term is iron fire. This is a suitable name as tekka is very rich in iron. It is a good iron supplement and is a natural means to combat iron deficiencies like anemia. Instead of taking pills, consume just one-quarter teaspoon of tekka daily.

Tekka is also known for its qualities in strengthening weak blood, curing diarrhea, asthma, and headaches due to migraine attacks.

George Ohsawa, the founder of tekka, developed the condiment in the hopes of counteracting the effects of refined grains, refined sugar, and other highly refined and processed foods, which lack in nutrients. He was the pioneer of macrobiotics and believed that whole and natural foods are packed with intrinsic healing qualities, which can help restore health.

The traditional preparation of tekka is highly time-consuming and arduous. After hacho miso has aged for three years, it is then ground until it becomes a smooth paste. Equal parts of carrot, burdock root, and lotus root are then finely minced. The ingredients are stir-fried, sautéed, and boiled until it is reduced to a concentrated powder. The condiment is known for its strong flavor and many therapeutic properties.

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