What Is Taylor Gang?

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Originally starting out as a group wearing Chuck Taylors, Wiz Khalifa’s clique “Taylor Gang” became more than just a hip music group. It has now become a lifestyle.

The Taylor Gang is headed by Wiz Khalifa, a fun-loving rapper from Pittsburgh.  Members of the gang include Sledgren, Chevy Woods, Big Lonn, Gangsta Will, Motor, IDLabs, Breeze, and Cardo.  Wiz Khalifa and his crew started making waves in the music scene in 2010 via constant touring and independent mix-tapes. His fan base eventually grew and he later signed a deal with Atlantic Records.  The single “Black and Yellow”, a catchy tune about his hometown sports team colors, is now a smash hit.  Khalifa is also said to be collaborating with Chris Brown and other mainstream acts in the pop/hip-hop scene.  Khalifa’s star is definitely on the rise as Entertainment Weekly includes him on the list of “11 to watch in 2011”.

The gang also has its own clothing line. Very popular are the T-shirts with designs like “Somalia Pirates”, “Black Rehab”, and the limited edition “Damn it feels good to be a Taylor”.  Accessories also form part of the Taylor Gang look.  Sunglasses such as “The Elevator” were designed by Khalifa himself, and are available with tag lines like “Get taylor’d!”.  Baseball caps are also a must, with some of the designs paying tribute to Khalifa’s roots in Pittsburgh.  Hats emblazoned with “Pittsburgh King” and “Piffsburgh” are popular as these were featured in the gang’s videos and magazines.

“Taylor Gang or Die” seemed like just another phrase. But with Wiz Khalifa’s increasing popularity, especially on the web, this phrase became a huge trend.  This certainly added to the group’s appeal.  With hip-hop and rap music as the main elements, accentuated by the look and catch phrases, the Taylor Gang lifestyle was born.  As declared on one of their fan sites, “if you’re a fan of Wiz, then you’re Taylor Gang… just be sure to keep it G!”. If you like everything “taylor’d”, then Taylor Gang is you.

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