What is Tamiflu?

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What is Tamiflu?
Tamiflu is a prescription drug used for the treatment of influenza. Specifically, this drug is called an “anti-viral” drug because it blocks the action of the influenza virus, particularly types A and B. Tamiflu is said to work best if administered by people with flu-like symptoms within 2 days of onset. This drug may also be given as an influenza-prevention drug, especially to those who may have exposure to the influenza virus but do not have symptoms yet.

Tamiflu may be taken by adults and children 1 year and above. It is contraindicated for infants that are below 12 months old, for pregnant and/or nursing women, and for those who have allergic reactions to the substance oseltamivir phosphate, which is the main ingredient of this anti-influenza drug. Those with medical conditions such as lung, kidney or heart disease must consult with their doctor first before taking Tamiflu. Those with other serious medical illnesses are also advised to take caution before taking this drug.

For adults taking Tamiflu, they are usually prescribed to take 75mg of the drug twice a day for five days straight or once a day for ten days straight depending on the doctor’s orders. Those who are elderly and have other medical illnesses involving the heart, lungs, or kidneys are usually given lower doses of this drug. Children above one year old meanwhile are given dosages depending on their weight.

But as with any other drug, Tamiflu can also cause some side effects, with some that are quite serious and may lead to personal injury. Some serious side effects include symptoms like delirium, hallucinations, and other neurological-related and behavioral changes. These behavioral effects are said to be more common in children. Other side effects include nausea, vomiting, pain in the abdomen, skin irritation, infections in the ear area, asthma, and bronchial problems.

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