What is T-Mobile Visual Voicemail?

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What is T-Mobile Visual Voicemail?
T-Mobile Visual Voicemail is an application for easy and fun voicemail management offered by telecommunications company T-Mobile for a variety of mobile phones and handsets. Aside from T-Mobile G1 and T-Mobile myTouch 3G, Visual Voicemail will also work on Motorola’s CLIQ phone, Blackberry Bold 9700, Samsung’s Behold II, and other Android phones.

Through T-Mobile Visual Voicemail, users and subscribers will be able to play his/her voicemail messages in any order, with option for replay. Users can also opt to save a particular voicemail message on his/her phone. So in cases that a person receives a very important message through his/her voicemail inbox, he/she will get to save it on the phone using this particular application. Options are also given on how a particular user will respond to a voicemail message using this application. A user can even make personalized recordings and greetings and even share preferred and/or selected audio messages through the email service also available on the T-Mobile phone and other compatible handsets.

The good thing about the T-Mobile Visual Voicemail service is that it is free. No subscription fees are needed to avail of this wonderful and easy voicemail management application. If the application is not pre-installed on the user’s compatible handset, he or she just needs to download the application that is readily available on the internet. Or one can also contact the T-Mobile customer service hotlines to request for the T-Mobile Visual Voicemail application software specific to the user’s phone. Once the user gets the application, he/she just needs to install or run it on his phone and he/she will enjoy the features of this application almost instantly. Another great thing about T-Mobile’s Visual Voicemail is that users can opt to save the voicemail messages on a removable memory card or on the default phone inbox. Users can also respond to the voicemail message via a text message instead of the usual phone call.

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