What Is SXI?

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What Is SXI?
Up North of Malaysia lies, a Christian school named St. Xavier’s Institution. Despite an Islamic country, a Christian school was successfully built and propagated by the Jesuits. This is found in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia. Though the students here are known as Xavierians, the school is known for SXI as its abbreviation.

SXI is actually an all boys’ school. However, they still accept girls only until form 6. Other than that, only boys will be accepted. This school actually upholds the value and morals of Christians. They are known for being able to spread the good deeds of Christ and integrate them in their lessons as well as school activities.

The school was actually built as early as 1787 where Malay is the medium of instruction. Through the years, it was developed until such time that it was transformed to what it is now. As of the moment, it continues to accept more students from different parts of Malaysia, especially in the North. However, despite being a Christian school, it does not limit its students to Christians only.

Through the years, SXI has proven to be a school where unity amidst diversity can be seen. It has also proven to be an institution that gears towards holistic development. Students are trained not only in terms of academics, but also in terms of morals, values, physical strengths, and many more. They have also partnered with some other schools in the achievement of their goal.

Back then, there were also a few rivalries and controversies involving SXI and another school in Penang. However, these days, only unity and peace reign among these schools. Students were also taught to value diversity as well as recognize the fact that they are not the only school existing in the area. Well, these days, competition is still there, but it is in a much healthier form. Indeed, SXUI has proven that quality Christian education can still prosper despite its location in an Islamic country.

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