What Is Svchost

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As explained by Microsoft, the svchost is the name of the generic host process which includes the services which are being executed by the dynamic link libraries.


There is no argument over the fact that the above mentioned definition is not something that can easily be understood by an average individual. Therefore, it is of prime importance to elaborate it a little further in order to let you have a better understanding of it.

It has been a while that Microsoft chose to shift the functionalities from internal windows services to what is now termed as the DLL or dynamic link libraries. If you are a programmer, you may be familiar with the fact that from the perspective of reusability, it actually is beneficial and makes more sense. However, there is a minute problem with the DLL files. Such files are unable to be executed directly on the Windows operating system. The only way they can be launched is with the help of running executable file (.exe). And this very problem is the origin of the svchost.

A number of people have been reported to have a suspicion that they may as well be dealing with a virus by the name of svchost. However, it is indispensable to mention here that svchost can’t possibly turn out to be a virus or bug or anything of potential hazard to your computer as long as it is ensured that its location is somewhere in the Windows\system32 directory. There is no argument over the fact that there has been instances of viruses utilizing the same name in order to infect your computer, however, their directory is always something different to the aforementioned one. This is how you deal with the svchost which are rather useful for your computer system and the ones which probably are going to be viruses.

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