What is Sudan Known for? – Few Facts about Sudan

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What is Sudan Known for? ‘“ Few Facts about Sudan

Maybe you have heard of the country Sudan but perhaps you do not know much about it. Sudan is a country in Africa, which is the largest and often called the ‘Horn of Africa’. The country is located in the northeast region of the continent of Africa. Sad to say, Sudan was a country plagued corrupt governments, famine and war.

The capital of Sudan is Khartoum where Africa’s Blue and White Nile meet. The city is located in the northern part of the country. The British colonized the country from 1899 to 1956. An Arab elitist government was established in Khartoum after the British left Sudan. However, the southern region of the country was left without representation.

Although the country was known for famine, war and corrupt governments, there are also many good things to know about Sudan. First, it is an oil-rich country where China is gets 70% of oil supply. Moreover, Sudan is also considered a paradise for archaeologists. The country is known for pyramids, temples and archaeological site that date back to prehistoric era.

Nile River is one of the famous spots in Sudan where cultural tourism happens. There are also plenty of tribes playing with their music, dances and handicrafts. All these are part of the incredible tourist attractions in Sudan. Khartoum, the capital of Sudan is a site for great ancient pyramids and tombs. Khartoum can certainly satisfy your archaeologist side with its ancient attractions.

There are also many handicrafts available for sale and are nice souvenirs too. Souvenirs and handicrafts are available at the Omdurman Camel Market. If you want to witness archaeological treasures from 4000 BC, you can take a tour at Sudan’s National Museum. You will surely be mesmerized by the greatness of their archaeological treasures.

If you would like a nature trip, Sudan’s Dinder National Park is the perfect spot. It is one of the biggest nature spot in the world. There you will find a vast array of species with the likes of giraffes, pelicans, antelopes, cranes and bushbucks. Tourists who love the waters can visit the Red Sea.

Red Sea is known for its clear water and is a very nice spot for diving and boating. Red Sea is also famous for its marine garden and variety of fish. Sudan has also a great resort place in its highest peak in its Western region. Jebel Marra is a scenic beauty when it comes to volcanic streams, and astonishing waterfalls. However, since Sudan’s capital, Khartoum has just been recently developed for tourism; there are still difficulties when it comes to incoming communication from outside the city.

Sudan is a country known for heavy fighting due to Civil war. Political instability is also a big problem of the country. It is advised to avoid places in Western Sudan and Darfur. About the country’s climate, it is tropical. The best months to visit Sudan are from September to April. Roads from the Nuba Mountains are extremely dangerous during the rainy season. Although Sudan is a great place for tourists, it is always advised to take extreme caution when traveling this great tourist destination.

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