What is Suboxone?

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Suboxone is a narcotic drug that combines naloxone and buprenorphine. Naloxene is an opioid medicine or a narcotic that is capable of reversing the effects of other opioid medicines.

Suboxone is usually given to patients who are suffering from addiction to opiate. Contrary to popular belief, this drug cannot be used to relieve patients from pain.

More on Suboxone

Patients must be careful in their intake of this drug as it can either stop or slow the patient’s breathing. This medication should not be taken in bigger amounts or for longer periods than what the doctor has instructed. Patients taking this medication should follow the prescription given by their healthcare providers.

It is also habit-forming, and as such this drug should not be shared with another individual particularly those who have experienced drug addiction. This drug should be kept in a secure place where other people cannot access.

Patients must be careful when taking Suboxone as it can cause overdose, addiction and even death. This drug must be taken whole.

Those who are allergic to medicines like naloxene and buprenorphine should avoid taking Suboxone.

Patients who are suffering from any kind of lung disease or breathing problems as well as urination problems or enlarged prostate should refrain from taking this drug.

Likewise, those who have kidney or liver ailments, problems breathing brought by the spine curvature, medical concerns with adrenal gland, gall bladder or thyroid and history of addiction to alcohol or drugs and mental illness should refrain from taking Suboxone.

Those who are breastfeeding should also refrain from taking this drug as it can pass on to milk.

Patients should drink water right before taking Suboxone to moisten the mouth. The drug should also be taken continuously; otherwise the patient may suffer from withdrawal symptoms that are far from pleasant.

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