What is Subgum?

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What is Subgum?
Subgum is also alternately known as sub gum. It is a simplified and traditional type of Cantonese dish with other foreign expressions such as gam2, sap2, shi jin or pinyin. In its literal term, it is referred to as varied or numerous. This is one type of dish whipped with Chinese culinary techniques. The cooking is done through mixing one or more seafood, meats and generously combined with veggies. You could also add other ingredients such as rice, noodles or soup.

The original subgum is basically from the wide array of Cantonese cuisines. It has been highly preferred by Chinese people as part of their every occasion meals. In fact, it is a symbolism and staple in every Cantonese or Chinese tables. Nevertheless, in the succeeding years, it has become a common and popular dish that began to have innumerable versions. Thus, you would not only find homemade and delicious meals in your home. In the contemporary culinary world, you could encounter this type of dish on several Chinese restaurants. No menus would be complete with this type of mixed veggies meal.

The advent of subgum in the North American restaurants and culinary world was basically first amongst the foreign countries that tasted its delectable taste. The earliest and indirect mention of this sub gum dish was recorded in 1906. It has become a very well known and favorite dish in the American soil that in 1909, it was more explicitly referred to and included in a menu at a restaurant in Chicago. This type of dish is known as the sub gum deang. In the populated district of New York, this oriental and Cantonese dish likewise made its debut in American restaurants. In 1913, it was referred to as the ‘sub gum gai suey’ particularly in a well known restaurant in New York.

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