What is SQM?

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What is SQM?
Software Quality Metrics files or commonly known as SQM files are concealed data collections produced to organize and facilitate usage habits, error reporting, and performance for Microsoft branded software programs. Basically, Microsoft Windows Live Messenger produces them, but there are some other Microsoft applications and software programs that generate them as well.

What are those files that Windows Live Messenger generates?
These are just some of those files with the .sqm that Windows Live Messenger generates. Other applications that generate files with .sqm extensions may have different file names.

  1. sqmdata??.sqm
  2. sqmoopt??.sqm
  3. sqmoot??.sqm

The ‘??’ in those generated files refers to a two-digit number and starts at ’00’ and subsequently incremented.
For example:

  • sqmdata01.sqm
  • sqmoopt02.sqm
  • sqmoot03.sqm

This may vary to any different two-digit numbers and so on.

Commonly, these files are produced and saved in the root directory C: drive. However, recent Windows Live Messenger stores these files in “…/Documents and settings/Application Data/Microsoft/MSN Messenger”.
The .sqm file may vary into 3 purposes:

  1. Windows Live Messenger Log File.
  2. Windows Live Mail Log File.
  3. Mission file for the Game Operation Flashpoint.

Production of .sqm files can be stopped in Windows Live Messenger Log file. To stop successfully the generation of this file type, locate the option in the application that is partaking in the CEIP, also known as Costumer Experience Improvement Program. Just deselect the option that participates in the said program. This option can be located at Tools>Options>General.

Although it is safe to stop the process of generating .sqm files, failure to generate these files may not allow any information to go to Microsoft. Microsoft uses these files as basis in improving existing applications whether to fix the application or upgrade features that is necessary. .SQM data are essential elements in upgrading most applications manufactured by Microsoft.

Like Windows Live Messenger Log File, Windows Live Mail Log File also generates .sqm files and also being used just the same way. The difference is that in Windows Live Mail Log File, the production of .sqm files cannot be hindered and pre-existing .sqm files inside the Log File cannot be deleted.

How to open files with .sqm file extensions?
SQM files are generally created for the use of Windows Live Essentials and also available in recent Microsoft operating systems such as Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. To open files with .sqm file extensions, user must have Windows Live installed in their PC. You can download Windows Live in the internet particularly in the Windows Live website.

These are the main steps on how to open files with .sqm file extensions.

  1. Download and Install Windows Live Essentials.
  2. Find those files with .sqm file extensions. The easiest way to find these files is to go to ‘Computer>Folder Options>View>deselect Hide extensions for known file types>search ‘sqm’ in the search bar’
  3. Right click the file with .sqm extension and choose ‘Open with’. Select the Windows Live Essentials in the list of programs. If the program is not on the list, browse it in your program files.
  4. Click ‘Open’ to open the file with .sqm file extension.