What is SPST?

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What is SPST?
SPST is also known as Senior Public Safety Telecommunicator. The job description for this type of work is to supervise a shift at a respective communication center. This is to ensure that all incoming emergency or non-emergency and not so urgent calls are immediately and properly catered for. Whatever calls are received from the people will be efficiently transferred or relayed to available units designated for public safety.

Once the information or message is delivered from the SPST to the standby units, personnel along with the emergency equipment and vehicles are immediately dispatched. Aside from the supervision of the different shifts in the center, these professionals are also responsible to ensure that the procedures, rules, policies and other regulations are properly observed and complied with. All activities are likewise monitored to ensure that no urgent or emergency calls are neglected and left unaddressed.

Senior Public Safety Telecommunicators also play a crucial role of managerial nature. For instance, they help in assisting subordinates to process some difficult to handle or more complicated incoming calls. They primarily help to determine what required solution or action must be taken into accounts specifically for the dispatch of the available units.

Training is likewise an important role of the SPST. They are the ones responsible to handle training of new employees, staffs and personnel. Team training is also incorporated with other vital efforts such as the development and assessment of the employees. They help in cross and continuous or on-going training of regular or veteran personnel.

SPST does not only exclusively work in the communication center where he is assigned. This professional also works in close coordination with other related agencies, which provide public safety. They work in collaboration with EMS, fire and police agencies to achieve their goals and ensure continuous public security all the time.

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