What is Snuffleupagus?

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What is Snuffleupagus?
Snuffleupagus is a “Muppets” character in the show called Sesame Street. In the show, Snuffleupagus is sometimes called “Snuffy” or by its full name Aloysius Snuffleupagus. Snuffleupagus looks like a mammoth or an elephant with no ears. It has a brown fur and long tail that resembles the tail of a reptilian animal. As one of the show’s characters, Snuffleupagus is a friend to another Muppets character named Big Bird.

Muppets characters are puppet creatures featured on Sesame Street, a very popular children’s show shown in the US and in many countries around the world. These characters were created by a man named Jim Henson who actually was reluctant at first to have his character creations featured on the popular TV show. But eventually, the people behind Sesame Street were able to convince Henson and so Muppets characters, including Snuffleupagus, were featured in various segments of the show. The puppet characters proved to be a hit with viewers and more characters were introduced as the show progressed over the years. Snuffy or Snuffleupagus was first featured in 1971 and literally became Muppet’s largest puppet character.

The storyline on Snuffleupagus involved him being an imaginary friend to Big Bird. Much of the segments featured that only Big Bird can see and interact with Snuffy’s character. Sometimes scenes may be depicted that Snuffy is playing with the kid characters but it was presented like the experience was part of a child’s imagination. When something goes wrong for example and Snuffy was involved with it, Big Bird would declare to the adult cast that it was a “snuffleupagus” that did something wrong. But since the adult cast cannot see Snuffy, they usually wouldn’t believe Big Bird. But in 1985, Snuffleupagus was finally introduced to the adult cast, after Big Bird got tired of having to convince people that Snuffleupagus really exists. Snuffy is also sometimes called Mr. Snuffleupagus and has a sister named Alice.

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