What is SEO Marketing?

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What is SEO Marketing?
SEO stands for “search engine optimization” and it is a marketing tool used by many businesses with online presence to increase their website’s visibility and/or rankings on internet search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Search engines have their standards, rules, and algorithms in terms of which website will be ranked “higher” in the display of search results. The search result is what SEO marketing is targeting. If a company’s website ranks high on the search engine, then the website will be displayed on the first page of the results, which greatly increases its chances of getting visited or clicked by the user. In today’s world of thousands of websites with millions of information, it is very essential to get a high rank on search engines for a particular company’s website to reach targeted users.

SEO marketing may be customized to different types of searches. Some companies may prefer to increase visibility in video or music searches, while others prefer their presence on data or image searches. To optimize a company’s website for high ranking in search engines, one may need to modify HTML codes and/or the website content. Some also resort to put specific keywords on the site to take advantage of the way search engine works.

There are two different techniques in employing SEO namely, white hat SEO and black hat SEO. White hat SEO technique refers to the preferred technique by search engines since website content is created for users and not just to get a high ranking on search results. This technique involves creation and/or editing of codes and content which is needed by the site’s users. Black hat SEO meanwhile refers to techniques that take advantage of how search engine works and try to manipulate rankings by flooding the site with keywords called keyword stuffing and article spinning. Some sites even resort to hiding keywords and text on the background so search engines can use them for indexing and give the site a high ranking on search results.

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