What is Seattle Mist?

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What is Seattle Mist?

The Seattle Mist is a football team playing for the Lingerie Football League. The team was part of the League’s expansion effort, in order for it to qualify to become a full-fledged football league. Created in 2009, Lingerie Football league or LFL is a 7-7 tackle played the American football way. The girls are not mere pretty faces, as they are in reality fully-trained athletes who play by virtually the same rules as men’s football. The only difference is, as the name suggests, the women wear provocative lingerie while on the field. The girls are trained by coaches who have ties either as former players or coaches with the NFL.
The Seattle Mist represents Seattle, Washington. Their home games are played in ShoWare Center in Kent, Washington. The team is coached by Rob Long, and has not won a Lingerie Bowl (championships) as of yet. The team’s current quarterback who has received significant publicity is Natasha Lindsey. Other team members include Kimberly Warner, Amanda Brace, Jessica Hopkins, Lisa Pueschner, Christina Fetzer, Jamie Ferguson, Kara Pierce, Brandee Krumbah, Tiffany Ford, Chelsea Jorgensen, Natasha Eppright, Shea Norton, Breanna Reed, Laurel Creel, Danika Brace, Taylor McMahon and Shanell Borromeo.

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