What is SDLC?

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What is SDLC?

SDLC or Systems Development Life Cycle refers to the phases involved in software development.  Before a particular system or software is rolled out for the use of target customers, it undergoes several stages to ensure that goals are reached and needs are met.  In some cases, the phases involved in SDLC involve new information systems while in others, updates and alterations may be incorporated.

The first phase of SDLC involves concept generation or the initial analysis.  This is where people will need to define the goals of a particular business and come up with an initial plan on how to reach these goals through software development or information systems.  Alternative plans are also discussed at the start of the process to ensure that the best strategy or solution is taken.  Once several plans of actions have been defined, people may now start with analyzing system requirements.  This is the part where the end-user’s needs of a particular software or program are taken into account.  All functionalities of the involved software are laid out and analyzed for every user’s benefit.  After the analysis phase, system design and development may follow.  This is the part that involves the details of the system to be used including the home screen layout, documentation process, and the actual programming or code-writing.

Once the software system development is done, testing is always next.  Any software being developed must undergo testing before actual deployment to all users of the system.  At this time, errors are checked and rechecked to make the system more efficient.  After full testing, actual deployment of the software system will follow with acceptance from end-users and actual installation and configuration of existing computer systems.  At this stage, the software should be running smoothly and as expected.  Concerns along the way are addressed through the system maintenance phase.

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