What is Scuba Diving?

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What is Scuba Diving?
Scuba diving is a type of diving underwater with the help of a “scuba” set. A “scuba” set basically involves an oxygen tank, breathing tubes, and facemasks to help divers breathe underwater.

The word “scuba” is actually an acronym for “self-contained underwater breathing apparatus”. Scuba also refers to the breathing gear or oxygen tank used in this type of diving. In the past, underwater diving involves an “air line” to help divers breathe. This “air line” uses air that is pumped from above the water which is somewhat restrictive to divers as they need to be close to the airline for them to continue their diving and swim underwater. Scuba diving meanwhile uses individual breathing equipment or tanks that use compressed air to allow divers to freely swim and move underwater. Depending on the size and capacity of the oxygen tank, divers can stay underwater for several hours.

But aside from the “scuba” gear or breathing tanks, divers may also use other accessories and equipments to help them swim and/or navigate underwater. It is typical for divers to have fins or flippers to aid their swimming during underwater dives. With these accessories attached to their feet, divers can swim much faster underwater. Most divers also use compasses and depth gauges to help them in terms of navigation. They also need to know how deep they are underwater to guide them on their oxygen tank use. Some also have underwater vehicles and propulsion fans to allow divers for faster underwater navigation.

Scuba diving can be done on any body of water like oceans, rivers, or lakes. Not everyone can go into scuba diving immediately though as this activity requires some skills and training. If anyone is interested to take up this hobby, scuba diving classes are offered for beginners, intermediate and advanced type of divers.

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