What is SCN?

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What is SCN?
SCN is the acronym for Sustainable Communities Network. This is an organization which is based in a community and non-profit in nature located in Lexington, Ky. In order to have an up close and personal knowledge about this established group, it is best to know more and discover about their missions and on-going projects.

Sustainable living is one of the main goals and guiding principles of this type of community. SCN is basically a committed network or group which aims to contribute to the improvement and advocacy of the practices and theory of sustainability and sustainable living as a whole. It was created to impart the most comprehensive and helpful ideas tools and programs in and among the community members. This objectives and missions are all aimed to a common goal which is to provide and materialize systematic changes to the institution. It was aimed to bring viable and tangible changes in a micro level to much larger scale and sustainable cities.

SCN embarks on the different ways and media to achieve and materialize their goals. For instance, the organization is bound to educate and let a widest range of community learn and understand about the different issues the world is currently facing. Furthermore, it gives clarity and systematic guides on how sustainable living choices could get benefits and make a lot of difference.

Community building is another important element in the mission of this group. For instance, the community members are encourage to unite and consolidate their efforts individual concerns to produce actions. It is also important to generate a network that serves as support and encouragement source for those who are working to create sustainable communities. SCN inspires and realize the importance of personal responsibility and leadership especially in the taking care of the environment and becoming reliable stewards of nature.

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