What is Scientology?

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Scientology is a religious organization founded by Ron L. Hubbard back in the 1950s.  The principles and beliefs of Scientology are based on Hubbard’s book called Dianetics which asserts that all physical and/or emotional stress that people feel are results of past memories.  Whatever happened in the past are said to have a great impact on people as a whole.  Through the help of Scientology, followers of this religion can be taught to basically get rid of traumatic memories and become better persons in the present physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

One basic concept of Scientology relates to engrams or memories of bad experiences in the past.  These memories are said to be stored in the brain starting when people are still in their mother’s womb.  The Church of Scientology basically asserts that all the stresses that people feel in present times are a reflection of what had happened in the past.  Traumatic experiences in the past are stored in the brain at the cellular level and when something goes wrong in the present, these past memories or engrams will then be stimulated or activated.  With the negative impact of physical and emotional stress that already stored within individuals, it is taught to Scientology followers that they may get illnesses if they cannot get rid of these so-called engrams.  Trained Scientology auditors are needed in the process of removing these negative thoughts and emotions and through Dianetic therapy, people are said to become better versions of themselves on a physical, spiritual, and emotional level.

Another principle of Scientology revolves around the idea that people are actually immortal spirits or souls. By letting people’s soul or inner selves get rehabilitated through the church’s teachings, people are said to achieve greater happiness and possibly reach their greatest potential.  For the most part, followers of Scientology promote the idea of spiritual or inner self healing as this alone will make people become new and clean in the physical and spiritual aspect.

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