What is Samsung Kies?

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What is Samsung Kies?
Kies refers to a program incorporated in various Samsung devices for them to be able to interact with each other. It is offered as a freeware by Samsung and it is downloadable through its global download portal. This software need OS support from either Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X.

One function offered by the Kies software is data backup. Using compatible devices to this software, users can easily have various information stored and managed easily. Another good thing about Kies is that it allows wireless connection between mobile devices. This means that no wires are needed in order to take advantage of the features of Kies. Users only need the Sync option or a WiFi connection to be able to make connections between compatible devices. Users have also been raving about the notification features of KIES in terms of application updates. In cases where certain application or software have an available update for download, Kies will send a notification prompt so that users will be able to update their mobile devices instantly. And in the case of multiple entries on contact or phonebooks on various email providers, synchronization is made easily with the Kies application. Whether users are using multiple email accounts from Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft Outlook, Kies will take care of data synchronization. But the data on contacts is not the only thing that can be synchronized by Kies, other data may also be transferred from the mobile device to a personal computer using this same application. This makes data transfer and management faster and more efficient. This also translates to endless possibilities of enjoying and accessing information from a compatible mobile device to a PC. Whether it is image or graphic files of friends and family or favorite music and video files, users will be able to handle them with the Kies program on either the mobile device or personal computer.

Kies basically provides a seamless and easy communication gateway between compatible mobile devices and personal computers. From contacts, to music, videos, and various other files, these can easily be downloaded and shared with the Kies program. As for Samsung mobile devices, various models already support Kies and these include Samsung Galaxy II, Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Mini, Samsung Wave, and Samsung Omnia series among various others.

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