What is Sage?

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What is Sage?
Sage is also known in other culinary terms such as garden sage or common sage. It has the scientific name Salvia officinalis. This herb belongs to the family Lamiaceae which is a naturally growing plant in the Mediterranean region. Nowadays, it has already been naturalized and grown in many countries all around the world. It is a perennial, small and evergreen sub-shrub with typical blue to purplish flowers, woody stems and grayish leaves.

This plant is not only a staple in the culinary industry. In fact, you could find common and related or unrelated sage species which are used in other applications. For instance, it has one of the plants with the longest history in terms of medical use. Modern day types are even used as ornamental and decorative garden plants for their aesthetic value.

It was known that sage is an effective treatment especially against the effects of venomous snakebites. In much older ancient histories, it is also a plant used in warding off evil or increasing the fertility of a woman. During the middle ages, the plant gained high reputation especially for its healing properties and value.

Sage is also used in the culinary world as a prominent kitchen herb. It has slightly peppery flavor which is one of the most used especially in British cooking. It is an ingredient utilized to add flavor to fatty meats, poultry or pork stuffing, sauces, sausages and cheese. There are also known European countries which adapted the use of this aromatic and flavorful herb for their dishes. Most Italian and French cuisines attribute some of their cooking secrets to the delectable fragrance and taste of this herb.

Sage is a tiny and easy to cultivate and grow herb you could practically find anywhere in the world today. Some use it decoration and others have fresh sages in their kitchens for food preparation.

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