What is RSS?

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What is RSS?

RSS is an abbreviation for Really Simple Syndication, which is a technology normally deployed in delivering frequently updated web content. Those who follow blogs, news updates, social networking sites and other websites that are frequently updated have in the past had to rely on bookmarking and manually checking for updates. RSS takes care of this by providing you with an advanced automated solution which will send you updates that are relevant to you in a timely manner ensuring that you stay abreast of what is happening in those areas that concern you.

RSS documents, also known as feeds are made available to those who subscribe to the service on the websites that have content which interests them. To be able to actually access the feeds requires applications that are known as RSS Feed Readers. You can choose to get a commercially available RSS Feed Reader or the free web based applications which are also highly effective. The selection of your feed reader will depend on the features you are looking for with more advanced users requiring more features which are more likely to be available in the commercial applications. The feed reader will have a list of all new updated feeds with the option to either read the feeds from the feed reader or directly from the site incase you require more details. The unread feeds will be highlighted or in bold similar to unread emails in your inbox. The beauty of this is that you can actually catch up on updates even after a period of being away as the feeds are saved for you to read. You can also refer to past updates that may no longer be available on the website.

Most websites are today embracing RSS as it is one of the ways to keep traffic flowing to their web pages as well as creating loyalty through a continuous flow of information. Subscribing to a RSS feed is simply a matter of clicking the subscription button on the web page and following some simple instructions. It will normally take about a minute with more experienced users doing it in less than a minute. The newer versions of internet browsers will also have a facility that you can use to subscribe to RSS feeds. When using the browser options to subscribe it is important to remember that you need to specify the feed reader you want to use as they will normally have the browser reader as the default option. There are also a good number of websites that allow you to subscribe to RSS feed via email where they will send the feed updates to your inbox from where you can access them at your convenience.

For you to use RSS, it has to be available on the website you are looking to get updates on. With this kind of technology you are sure to stay informed on all relevant information with minimal hassle on your part. You can actually try and use RSS today and experience this great convenience first hand.

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