What is RSP?

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What is RSP?
RSP stands for Resource Specialist Program, a specialized educational program developed for children and/or students with special needs and learning disabilities. It is part of the US’ Special Education system which requires all public schools across the country to offer this specialized type of educational services to students who may need them. Some educational institutions refer to this program as “directed education or studies” because students with learning difficulties are literally “guided” in the subject they are enrolled in.

Classes under RSP may be taken on a once a day basis or even more frequently depending on the needs of the particular student with special needs. But since the goal of the Special Education program is to help students with special needs to be part of the regular classroom setup, Special Education-credentialed teachers and Resource Specialists may work with the regular teacher in helping out with the specific needs of each student. Resource specialists may also assist special students depending on their needs, so he/she may transfer from classroom to classroom to assist students on specific subjects. If one student needs assistance for language skills for example, a resource specialist may focus his/her attention on him during the language class, and shift to other students who might need help in other areas like arithmetic for example.

But for special students who need more time for assistance, they may need to take extra classes other than the regular classes they are attending with normal students. These extra classes are called “pull-out” classes wherein specific students are “pulled out” from their regular class to take a special class with a resource specialist. These pull-out classes are usually scheduled once day but may be modified depending on the specific needs of students. These pullout classes will go on for several weeks or months until the student is able to acquire a specific skill and is deemed ready to do it on his own in a regular classroom setup.

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