What is RSI Symptoms?

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What is RSI Symptoms?
RSI symptoms are manifested through pain which is the dominating general manifestation of this condition. RSI stands for Repetitive Strain Injury which is oftentimes detected and felt through the pain you experience and feel in different regions of your body. The joints and muscles are just two of the common areas which are usually affected. Areas such as the arms wrists, upper back, fingers and hands among others are vulnerable to this health dilemma.

There are other related conditions to RSI such as fatigue or tiredness. This is because the actual and oftentimes severe pain that you feel could have a very weakening effect on the body. Nevertheless, it would also depend on other underlying factors such as the severity and type of the Repetitive Strain Injury as well as your known sleeping pattern.

Pain and fatigue are two of the most general symptoms of RSI however there are also specific signs and manifestations that could be quite alarming and requires immediate attention. Bursitis is one of the signs which are quite like those of tendonitis and stiffness. This health problem could actually affect your mobility depending on the affected regions and severity of the condition.

Cubital tunnel syndrome is also one of the RSI symptoms. It is not only painful, it could also result to numbness and in more serious cases, paralysis especially the little finger and ring finger until the upper arm. This condition however is still a different ailment compared to carpal tunnel syndrome which affects the fingers.

There are still other pressing RSI symptoms that you must learn and understand. This includes the DeQuervain’s syndrome, diffuse RSI, Dupuytren’s contracture, Dystonia (writers cramp), epicondylitis, ganglion, Raynauds disease, Gamekeeper’s thumb, tendinitis, tenosynovitis and thoracic outlet syndrome. These specialized types of conditions require the right diagnosis and prompt and proper treatment.

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