What is Roku?

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Roku is an American brand of consumer electronics that was founded back in 2002. Its headquarters is located in the state of California and their products are mostly digital media players. The Roku brand has become very popular with its line of music and media players that can be interfaced online or within a network. Among its popular products include SoundBridge (a music player that can be configured for networks). A similar product with speakers is called Roku SoundBridge Radio. For image and video handling, they also have Roku PhotoBridge. This particular hardware has built-in card readers from a variety of formats. The best thing about this product is that it can read image and video files from various sources including memory cards, flash disks, memory sticks among others.

In terms of streaming music and video, Roku is one of many popular digital media players in the market today. At a reasonable price, the Roku streaming device can play and stream digital music and video via a Wi-Fi or Ethernet service. The device is also very handy because digital music and image files for example are not stored on the music box itself but rather streamed online. The same streaming device from Roku may also be attached to compatible or smart TV sets for video and graphics streaming. Favorite online movies may be viewed through a person’s wide television screen via a Roku product or streaming device. Instead of being limited to computer tablets or mobile devices for example, a film clip may be enjoyed on a smart TV as long as it is connected to a Roku streaming device and an internet connection is available.

With Roku digital media players and streaming devices, the smart TV and other mobile devices will be more connected for the benefit of users. The wide screen in smart TV sets of today are also maximized with products like Roku that allow online streaming of images and video that are sourced online.

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