What is Rocket Science?

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What is Rocket Science?
Rocket science literally refers to the science involved in making rockets or space ships. Specifically, it deals with aerospace engineering. A person who studies “rocket science” should prepare him/herself for skills and knowledge necessary to handle a wide variety of fields such as aerodynamics, physics, chemistry, math, and propulsion dynamics among others.

People involved in the many fields covered by Rocket Science are generally and popularly called as “rocket scientists”. Even those people who are not directly involved in the rocket or space craft manufacture, may also be called rocket scientists. Like in the case of chemists or engineers involved in the study of fuel for rocket use. They are also part of a wide variety of specialties involved in general rocket science. Even those who are involved in the design of rockets and space ships can also be called part of the rocket science team. As proven by studies and experiments, design of a particular machine, like a rocket or space craft, is a very important component of this particular field that requires superior knowledge, high competency, and great skills.

It is also because rocket science involves a variety of what seem like are studies involving high level of intelligence and competencies that people often refer to the term when explaining something that requires great mental activity or when discussing a subject that is considered really difficult and complicated. The term “rocket science” is also frequently used to convey irony or sarcasm, like when somebody tells a person that a particular function or task is so simple that one doesn’t need ‘rocket science’ to understand or perform it. The term “rocket science” also is a big part of urban lingo and is used to describe tasks, problems, and situations that are considered too difficult and too complex for an average person to handle or solve.

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