What is RNF?

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What is RNF?
RNF stands for Rehabilitation Nursing Foundation which was established in 1976 through the efforts of the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses or ARN. This foundation enjoys its tax-exempted status and offers four research grants amounting to $34,500 to qualified recipients.

An offer of $30,000 is allocated for the rehabilitation nursing research and it is given through grants. A total of $10,000 is provided for the New Investigator grant which is basically for projects initiated by nurses who are also novice researchers for the foundation. Two other research related grants known as Research Fellow are recipients of the remaining available funds.

Aside from this research projects for rehabilitation nursing however, there are two other grants sponsored by RNF. They offer $4,500 worth of grant named Sigma Theta Tau International to a qualified nursing research project which tackles rehab nursing. The fortunate chief investigator of the research project is given the opportunity to achieve a master’s degree in nursing. The organization also offers another grant worth $3,500 through the American Nurses foundation.

Just like any other organization and foundations, RNF also has its mission and vision in the field of rehab nursing. It is dedicated to providing the must-have advancements and innovation of the rehabilitation nursing practice. This is done through promoting, conducting, supporting and disseminating research that practically improves the quality and standards of healthcare to people with chronic illness or disability.

Through the continuous advancement of the healthcare technology especially in the field of rehab nursing, more and more patients overcome and survive their diseases and ailments. These are injuries which could have been fatal but through the RNF efforts and projects, people live longer and have quality healthcare for their surefire recovery and wellness. RNF is a foundation dedicated to innovative nursing rehabilitation research and services to strengthen and boost the standards and skills of rehabilitation nurses in the country.

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