What is RNAI?

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What is RNAI?
RNAI is the acronym that refers to the RNA Interface. This is a type of system occurring within living cells and plays a vital role in the control of active genes. It also helps determine and influences how these genes are actively working. The core of the RNA interface refers to two different types of smaller types of RNA molecules. These are the miRNA or also known as the microRNA. The other component is the siRNA or referred to as the small interfering RNA.

Basically, RNAs are products of the genes and these could also bind with other genes such as mRNA. This could actually influence the activity of the compound whether it increases or decreases. One of the most salient roles of RNAi is for the defense of the cells especially in fighting off against certain parasitic genes. These are parasitic genes which are referred to as transposons and viruses. Most importantly, it is also necessary in the proper direction of the development of the cells and the general gene expression.

The immunity is a system wherein the RNA interface is a salient part of. It is a component which is vital for the immune response especially against foreign genetic elements and viruses. These are common reactions in plants which could basically result to the prevention of transposons, a self-propagating parasitic gene. Rnai is also determined in some animals which have developed antiviral response.

The interface is basically exploited through experimental biology. This is done to study the genes functions specifically in cell culture. There are also extensive researches and studies in the field of computational biology. These efforts are primarily directed to successfully maximize the instances of gene knockdown. Studies and efforts are also used in order to minimize the effects basically ‘off-target’ aftermath. Finally, RNAi is also exploited in therapy.

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