What is Rime in WOW?

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What is Rime in WOW?
Rime refers to a Death Knight’s talent in the game called World of Warcraft. The World of Warcraft is a MMORPG or a “massively multi player online role playing game”. This particular game allows for several players to interact and play with each other online regardless of the player’s location in the world. Part of the characters of this popular web-based game is Death Knight. This particular character is said to be of the “hero class” and has DPS or damage per second roles. These characters have wielded weapons and plate armors but are not allowed to use protection shields. Rime is just one talent that can be assumed by a Death Knight, but those who are newly created in the game will have zero talent points. To acquire talent points, all Death Knights must complete tasks and quests in area called the Eastern Plaguelands.

Rime is a type of Death Knight talent under the Frost talent tree. Through rime, a death knight will enhance his chances of a critical strike on his obliterate and icy touch capabilities. The rime talent also makes the creation of a “freezing fog” possible which can be used by a particular Death Knight to monitor buff levels and inform him/her regarding the resetting of his/her howling blast options. But aside from rime, the Frost talent tree offers a particular Death Knight several other elements like Melee strikes, Obliterate, and Frost Strikes.

The Frost talent tree, in which Rime is a part of, is just one of three talent trees that a Death Knight can have. Another talent tree is called Blood which is called a tanking tree. Through this tree a Death Knight’s weapons, healing, abilities and melee strikes are amplified. The third talent tree is called the Unholy tree which is involved in diseases, shield protection for spells, and mobility improvement.

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