What is ReWire?

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What is ReWire?
ReWire is a software system or protocol that allows transferring of audio files between two different computer software simultaneously. It is like an invisible connection that allows audio data transfer or streaming from one program to another. This software protocol is developed by Propellerhead and Steinberg and was originally part of the “Rebirth software synthesizer” back in 1998. Today, ReWire has become the industry standard in audio streaming between two applications in real time.

ReWire allows for audio streaming in real-time of up to 256 different channels of audio and up to 4080 MIDI data channels. This protocol also works with Mac operating systems and the 32-bit versions of Windows audio programs. Aside from audio streaming simultaneously, ReWire also has synchronization capabilities. Audio files are automatically synchronized between the two running audio applications without any configurations or parameters to set. One doesn’t also have to worry about file quality, since the synchronization process will result in a complete file without any glitch. ReWire also allows for accessing the audio file in any of the two applications involved without affecting the other. The audio file to play, rewind, or stop will be sourced from only one location, so either end of the audio streaming can do it. Rewire 2 also features querying options if one decides to inquire about audio channel names and other information.

ReWire is also easy to use as long as the two audio programs support this software protocol. One audio program will represent as the “synth” program and this will be responsible for generating the audio file. The other program will act as the “mixer” program, which is the part that receives the audio file stream. In terms of software compatibility with ReWire, the web offers a list of programs that support this particular software protocol. It is important to note though that one doesn’t need to download or purchase the ReWire program to take advantage of its features. ReWire is not marketed as a stand-alone product and instead comes built-in to several programs that support it. Software programs that support ReWire include Ableton Live, Adobe Audition, Sony ACID Pro 5.0, Speedsoft Audio Tools VSampler 3, Steinberg Cubase, Steinberg Nuendo, and Synapse Audio Software Orion among a variety of others.

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