What is retina display?

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Retina display refers to the image pixel density of various Apple products. Many of Apple’s devices have been marketed to have retina displays in which the screens have a pixel density of more than 300 pixels per inch. In terms of pixel density, the human eye is said to be able to detect up to 300 pixels per given inch only. With retina display, LCD screens are said to have up to 326 pixels per inch and this will result to highly vivid and very sharp images and display.

At a certain distance from the eye, up to 300 pixels per inch may be seen on some mobile devices like tablets and cellphones. With retina display, images will be higher in quality because of higher pixel density that cannot be detected by the naked eye. This feature is highlighted by Apple Inc. in marketing its various products including iPhones, iPads, and the iPod Touch among many others. Higher pixel density basically enables the devices to render images and graphics with higher quality and resolution.

The first apple product that featured retina display is the iPhone 4S which was released back in 2011. This particular phone had a 960×640 pixel resolution in its entire screen but with the so-called retina display, the phone is marketed to display very vivid and sharp images. Many Apple products that were released after iPhone 4S were also featured with retina LCD screens or displays and these include the iPad version that came out in 2012 and other devices like the Mac Book range of laptops which were also released in 2012. The term “retina” is exclusively used by Apple devices as its own trademark in the field of mobile phone screens and display. This trademark was granted to Apple Inc back in November 27, 2012 by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

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