What Is Republic?

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What Is Republic?
If you live in a country following the Republic as a form of government, you are more or less familiar of how it is being run. Well, in this form of government, the people have a major role being played. It is even called a government run by the people rather than autocratically controlled by the government. The concepts, ideologies, and beliefs of Republic are very different with monarchy. Thus, these two will definitely not meet.

Most countries these days have already followed the Republican form as it empowers the people more and it gives everyone the right to speak out for or against the government. Big countries such as India and the United States are also following the Republic. Though the success of every country is not determined by the type of its government, but the leader running it, Republic has more or less proven to be a better form of government for several countries. It has actually led the way for the stunning success experienced by many countries these days.

Republic as a form of government is actually divided into several categories or types. This includes Classical Republics, Mercantile Republics, Protestant Republics, Liberal Republics, Islamic Republics, and Socialist Republics. Though each of these types believes in the same core ideologies, they are simply focused on specific types, which spell the difference.

For a country to be classified as a Republic, it has to be sovereign or is not a colony of any other country. However, there are some colonies following the Republican nature, though they are not yet officially declared as a Republic.

Again, no type of government can be considered as the best. Republic is just one of the many forms of government that has actually effect change in the society and in the world in general.

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