What is Religion?

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Religion has always been one of the most widely discussed topics throughout generations. It is a powerful and emotive subject to the extent that people have killed others and given up their lives for religion. There are many things that have influenced the way man has lived over the years but among all these there is none that can claim to have a greater impact than religion.

Religion is belief in super natural and divine power or powers and how we relate to them. It comprises of belief and practice. Religion answers the questions that man cannot logically explain due to limitations of knowledge and understanding. It is based on faith which means accepting an idea or concept without any evidence as to what is stated in the idea or concept, this is the belief aspect of religion. Actions that display belief and that are allowed as per the tenets of religion cover the practice aspect. Different religions have varying emphasis on either aspect with some being more focused on faith while others are more focused on practice.

Religion does not follow logical thinking but rather has its own standards which may be shared or unique. However all religions share the similarity of believing in something greater than man that controls life. That gives a purpose to man’s existence, how we came to being, why we are here and where we go after this life. It also separates a people from others. Through religion, a group of people achieve superiority over others because of their special relationship with the super natural. Religion does not tolerate dissent and cannot compromise. Those who do not wholly partake of the faith and practices are outsiders regardless of any other bonds shared with them. Religion is greater than race, nationality and even family.

Being a central part of culture means that it dictates how we relate with others, those who share our faith and those who don’t. Religion is based on the principle of what you sow is what you reap. Your actions will determine the kind of life you live. Following the accepted practices will lead to a good life here on earth as well as after death, failure to live by the rules set in the religion means that things will be difficult for you here on earth and beyond. These consequences of being contrary to religion are an explanation to inexplicable misfortune that is experienced in life. Inexplicable fortune on the other hand is usually attributed to following the accepted practices.

Religious practices and beliefs have been passed on through generations by word of mouth, rituals and writing. These are considered sacred instructions from the supernatural on how man should relate to fellow men and to the divine. Religion is everything that man does and does not do, it is an answer to every question and it cannot be questioned. Religion remains one of the most complex subjects for those who take a scholarly approach yet it is extremely simple to those who believe.

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