What is Reddit?

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Reddit is a popular online site for news, current events, and other popular topics. It is different from other standard news platforms in the sense that its articles are provided by its own community of registered users. Each article posted on the website may also be subscribed to with readers voting it “up” or “down” to determine its position or prioritization in the display of articles. Articles and topics that are voted “up” by more users of Reddit will be positioned on top of the page while those that are not so popular with other people will go “down”.

Aside from voting for one’s favorite articles and topics, the registered users of Reddit may also post comments for various subjects. The users are also the article editors themselves providing freedom of information unlike the standard guidelines for online news platforms. With the unusual setup, users of Reddit will be exposed to a variety of topics that are usually not found on other news sites. Its social networking factor can make a certain topic become very popular with more users voting for it to “up” the website’s main display of topics. There is also minimal moderation in terms of topic submission as the registered users are allowed to post or edit the articles themselves.

The Reddit website also lets go of fancy formatting and website graphics or layout. In a typical Reddit page, various topics may be seen in a single page. Registered users of the site can simply browse through subtopics or so-called subreddits to find a specific article. Various subreddits are classified based on relevance these include articles on world news, updates from the gaming industry, and the latest from the entertainment world among others. There are also discussion subreddits for user’s views, questions, and opinions. Users of Reddit can also share their favorite images and pictures through special subreddits dedicated for this purpose.

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