What is Recycling?

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What is Recycling?
Recycling is the process of re-using products that already served its purpose. It basically involves a three-part cycle of collection of materials considered as waste, manufacture of these materials into new items, and the re-use of these new items a.k.a. recycled items.

Recycling can be done by anyone and usually the purpose is related to environment concerns. Recycling will result in fewer materials wasted and maximizing existing ones to improve sustainability. Many sectors of society have recycling campaigns for environmental reasons. Various schools and offices conduct different activities to contribute into saving the earth from continued overuse of resources. Recycling is usually introduced to people with the tagline “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle”. This simply presents the whole idea of reducing waste and maximizing the use of our existing resources for the benefit of future generations.

Various materials can be reused and recycled. The most common for everyday people are plastic items, paper products, glass, and wood scraps. But other materials like metal, rubber, leather, and even food leftovers may be recycled. Recycling is done by many people for several reasons. One may be for energy conservation. Re-using some products will simply mean less of it will be made, which will reduce the energy expenditure of manufacturing plants. It will also lead to protecting existing resources of the earth and help decrease pollution. Many also take part in recycling efforts to earn some extra income or to help save the planet from degradation.

If done on a massive scale, recycling could really have beneficial effects to the environment. It also teaches people to be more responsible with choices and do their share in protecting the environment and the future. For the average person or household, they may not feel the benefits by recycling a minimal number of home items. But if given the big picture of other people doing their share, one may start to think that every item recycled is worth it if the goal is for the earth’s sustainability.

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