What is Reboot?

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What is Reboot?

In the world of computers and modern technology, the word “reboot” simply means “restart” of the computer. Most people may have heard of the word “reboot” when they need to restart a computer after a particular application crashes. Like when someone is playing a computer game for example and then all of a sudden the game becomes unresponsive. In this case, other people might tell the one playing the game to reboot the computer so he could try to play again. Sometimes rebooting or restarting is also needed after installation of a new program or application. Most newly-installed programs require rebooting of the computer to update files and to allow the new program to work properly. For users on the MS-DOS environment, rebooting can be done by pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Del buttons. This type of rebooting is called the “warm type”. On the other hand, the “cold type” of rebooting is to restart the computer using the power button. Users using Windows operating systems can reboot their computers using the “shutdown” option from the Start Menu. Those using Mac OS meanwhile need to click “restart” to reboot the computer.

“Reboot” means a little different in the field of literature, particularly in serial types of fiction novels. In this field, ‘rebooting” a series means discarding the previous story line to stop the “continuity” of the series and start with a new direction to the story. Similarly, it can also be called some kind of “restart”, but the direction of the story is changed once restarted.

In its practical application to human lives, “reboot” has also become a slang term for “restarting with life” or “recharging”. Borrowing its meaning from the computing industry and from serial fiction, ‘rebooting one’s life’ means finding new direction and meaning to life or finding a new start after a big problem or setback.

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