What is Ramadan?

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What is Ramadan?
The ninth month of the Islamic Calendar, Ramadan is a very important period in every Muslim’s life. It’s a period of fasting, meant to bring every man closer to religion and during this month, eating, drinking or having sexual relations are prohibited, from day to dawn. The Muslims are supposed to pray more, worship Allah and refrain from any wrong doing. There is of course a great deal on understanding towards those in suffer and persons too old, young or sick, benefit of temporary exemptions.
The Islamic Calendar was first introduced in the 7th century and it states that the month of Ramadan begins soon after the new moon rises. As a result the days of Ramadan vary from year to year, but the Muslims are aware and have enough time to prepare. Respecting the teachings of Islam is a must for the faithful, but during these holy days they are expected to double their efforts and show that they are worthy of Allah’s grace.
Fasting is one of the ways to prove faith in divinity, as an act of sacrifice and restrain from wordily activities. Resisting to temptation and focusing all energy on praying, so they overcome the urges of flesh and dedicate themselves entirely to the spirit. There is also an educational side to this ritual, as people learn how to control their instincts and better understand the importance of food and water. Once the Ramadan is over, they should be better people, compassionate towards the poor and hungry.
Since it is only allowed to eat after dusk, people sometimes gather for a modest meal and even give some food to the less fortunate. Mawaed Rahman are places where those who can afford to help others, but even common people who understand the importance of charity. offer a free meal to the poor.

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