What is RAID?

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What is RAID?
RAID is the acronym for redundant array of independent disks. RAID is a category of disk drives that make use of a combination of two or more drives in order to keep data safe and to increase computer performance. This type of disk drive is not normally used on personal computers but rather on servers. RAID allows the user to store computer data in a redundant way, meaning the same data is stored in many locations.

There are many levels of RAID, in fact more than 10. Depending on the type of protection a user needs, a certain level of RAID will be used. Some of the most commonly used RAID levels are RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 4 and RAID 5. RAID 0 features data striping, but no redundancy and is used to improve performance. RAID 0 however, is not a very effective level for data protection because if one drive fails, then the data is lost. RAID 1 is used for data mirroring, where data is written simultaneously in two drives at the same time. This level uses increases performance and back up data. RAID 4 is similar to RAID 0 but has the capability to back data up. RAID 5 is possibly the most commonly used type, featuring the striping of raid 0 but includes error correction.

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