What is Race?

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The origin of this particular kind of classification of human beings is not well documented but it has a history that begins from around the 1600s. There is no single universally accepted definition of the term though most definitions will agree that it has something to do with inherited features among a group of people who are usually from the same location.

To date there is no scientifically established definition of race and what has been used over the years is a number of physical differences that are found among human beings. The choice of the term race was very correct since these features have over the years been a source of competition among those who fall into the different groupings. There are three main categories of race which are mainly divided as per the skin color of each group. We have Caucasians who are white skinned and are natives of Europe. The next group is the Negroids who are originally from Africa and who will normally have black or dark skin. While the last group comprises people of mainly Asian origin and who have what is commonly referred to as yellow or colored skin. As you can see, this kind of classification is basically based on differences in physical appearance and place of origin.

Over the years these differences have often been used to propagate false ideologies of superiority or inferiority. While these differences are most likely a result of adaptations to the native environments or as a result of natural or manmade occurrences unique to certain areas, they have been used to manufacture perceptions that have no intellectual basis. People of the same race will normally have very little in common, just as there is minimal difference among the races. Even with great advances in science, we are yet to get any conclusive scientific evidence of race.

Race has always been a cultural concept that has over the centuries been used to manipulate people for political or economic purposes. Those who have propagated race will often use other means to downplay its important when it suits them. Religion of example has often been conveniently brought into the picture when racism is not needed. It has often been easy to convince one group that their existence is threatened by the prosperity of the other group and this has been the source of conflicts in many parts of the world.

Race has always been and remains one of the most controversial means of categorizing human beings. There is little if any good that has come from race classification though it continues to be perpetuated by those who profit from it. Among the different races are major differences which cannot be reconciled by skin color. It is very possible to find a group of people who are supposedly from the same race and yet be unable to identify their race relationship from their physical appearance. This is especially so in places like South America, the Middle East and Australia where populations having various racial features are found.

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