What is QWL?

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What is QWL?
QWL stands for Quality of Work Life, which is known as the alternative, or process, which is tackled by an organization or company as response to the needs of their employees. As the name implies, it is basically the method and strategies used to develop and uplift the quality of work relationships and other essential components of employment. In most cases, the employees are allowed to develop certain mechanisms. These would help them fully share in the decision-making process to make their life at work higher in quality.

Quality of work life is also deemed as the technique or control approach for effectively managing people specifically employees. This approach basically considers people as the ‘assets’ to their company or organization unlike conventional concepts that consider them as ‘costs’. QWL believes that the employees or people develop their work performance and give quality output when they are given the opportunity to participate in the work management and decision-making process.

The motivational approach of the system is through the satisfaction of the employees. They are well compensated thus improving and catering to their economic needs. More than that, they are also helped to improve their psychological and social conditions. New generation of workforce definitely need contemporary approach. Company or organization managements must duly focus on the job designs as well as the proper organization of the work. Contemporary workforce also sees and values the importance of relationships especially at work. Thus, it is vital to strike a balance between personal lives and career, which QWL is concentrating on.

Quality of work life is a strategy used by successful organizations, which have the most productive workforce, which is the foundation of the company. QWL introduces programs such as alternative work schedules, flex time, telecommuting, and compressed work weeks. Its main objective is to improve employee efficiency and satisfaction for more lucrative work outputs.

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