What is QVOD?

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What is QVOD?
QVOD is also known as QuickVideo OnDemand. This is a widely recognized and awarded software application which runs on a system created by InfoValue Computing Inc. This company is one of the top figures and names in the industry that provides software-based solutions. This brand new program is the fruit of their efforts in aiming to have more improvement on their video on demand products. It is in fact three times faster compared to their recorded performance. This program is known to deliver a faster speed of up to 3.8Gbps which is derived from just one server.

QVOD is engineered and designed to provide a brand new level of efficiency to basically reduce the requirement of the PC server. This could help in the reduction of server requirement to allow flexibility and if it is over 65% reduction, you are sure that you could get a much better result and unparalleled performance and efficiency.

System redundancy is basically decreased with the use of this type of QVOD software. When this reduction of the footprint takes place, much cost effective means are guaranteed. Moreover, your PC or software system could comply with the service level agreements. It could also result to the reduction of the overall ownership cost total.

With the revolution and creation of QVOD software, another breakthrough in the video streaming industry was recorded. This software or application made the throughput performance possible with the highest level and from only a single server, preferable single Pentium based server on the computer.

QVOD is not a mainstay in the streaming software industry especially preferred for its openness, performance and scalability. It is a currently used system in many organizations and entities including government, corporate businesses, educational institutions and so much more. It is also one of the highly used in the broadcasting industry which is now recognized all around the world.

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