What is Quran?

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Quran or Qur’an is the Muslim religion’s most sacred book. Christians have the Holy Bible while Jews have the Torah. For Muslims, Quran is their main book about their faith. Many of the entries included in the Quran are written during the time of Muhammad, the revered prophet in the Muslim religion. For all Muslims, the writings included in the Quran all came from God or Allah which were relayed to Muhammad through the Angel Gabriel. It is also through the Quran that Muhammad is revered as a true prophet of Allah.

The Quran was said to be written by Muhammad and his scribes during his lifetime.  Many of the stories found in the Quran form the basis of Muslim faith and religion. Containing 114 chapters, what is written in the Quran remains original even up to present time.  It is said that the writings during Muhammad’s time were not altered and changed for authenticity.  Muslims in present times can basically read the Quran with original contents dating back to the time of Muhammad. Most entries in the Quran tell of God or Allah’s relationship with his creatures including human beings. Many of the entries also relate to how people should live their lives in terms of getting wisdom from God and proper ways of worship and observing the law. Proper conduct and behavior in the society are also part of the writings in the Quran along with fair economic practices.

The text included in the Quran is considered to be very sacred and remains unaltered since Muhammad’s time. With this kind of authenticity, there are some sects in the Muslim religion that have different views in terms of interpretation. Some have concerns regarding the application of Quran principles in modern times. Despite differences in opinion and interpretation, all Muslims around the world revere Quran as their holy and divine book.  It is even forbidden for Muslim followers to destroy or deface this sacred book.

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