What is Quotient?

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What is Quotient?
In the world of mathematics, quotient is the answer or result of a division problem or formula. A simple math problem involving division involves three main parts namely, the dividend, the divisor, and the quotient. The dividend is the main number of the division or mathematical formula. This main number is then “divided” through another component called the “divisor”, with the resulting figure being the “quotient”. So if we are given the mathematical formula 10/5 OR 10 divided by 5, the answer to this equation is 2. “10” represents the dividend, 5 is the divisor, and 2 is the quotient.

With all these technical and/or mathematical jargon, many people are intimidated with mathematical terms, equations. For some, the simple fact that numbers are involved makes them dislike the subject or topic. It is very common to come in contact with people that seem allergic and have somewhat ill-feelings towards mathematics and anything that has to do with numbers, formulas, equations, and problems. How simple a given math problem or equation may be, the fact that it involves numbers and/or numerical values makes people think of it as difficult. Like in the basic example given above, it may be an easy problem for most because dividing 10 by 5 gives an exact result of 2. What challenges most people is when one is asked to divide numbers involving fractions or decimals. These two terms are other math-related jargons which intimidate some people. Besides, it really is quite a bit more challenging to divide numbers that are not exact and when they involve fractions and decimals. Even those accustomed to math problems using division may find difficulty in solving equations with fractions and problems with decimals. And since these math problems are a bit more complex, it usually takes longer time to solve the problem and get the resulting quotient.

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