What is PuTTY?

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PuTTY is an open-source file transfer application that allows network computers to have an online remote connection through either SSH or Secure Shell or Telnet. SSH is a preferred protocol when it comes to secure transfer of data between computers. Telnet meanwhile can be configured to work over the internet or over LAN or local area networks. Telnet also allows text-based interaction between network computers. Through the PuTTY application, users will be able to do remote connection with other computers via the SSH or Telnet gateways.

The original design of Putty is intended for the Windows environment. All computers that are installed with Windows operating system will be able to have a remote connection with other computers. The latest version of PuTTY now includes operability using other platforms like Mac OS and UNIX. There are some unofficial ports opened for mobile platforms like Mac OS X, Windows Mobile software, and even Symbian.

When using PuTTY via SSH or Secure Shell, users will have control over the encryption key and even the version of the protocol. It is also through SSH that PuTTY users can do terminal emulation and port forwarding. This feature may be done using local computers connected to a basic network or it can also be done in remote mode. For text-oriented communication, remote connections may simply be done via Telnet. If there are no concerns regarding encryption and security, Telnet provides basic communication between computers via the command-line interface. There are no authentications and encryption of data via Telnet which make it vulnerable to security issues. For connections that require extra security, SSH should be the protocol of choice when using PuTTY. When remote connections involve data like user profiles and passwords and other classified material, the connection made in PuTTY should be secure with the data encrypted and this can only be provided through the SSH or Secure Shell protocol.

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