What is Punk?

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What is Punk?
Punk is like a mindset or a way of life. It’s about individualism and trying to become different from the crowd. It involves the attitude of staying true to oneself and not be swayed or influenced by what others expect or want you to become. More than just clothes and image, being punk is a lifestyle.

Punk is almost always attributed to as an urban lingo. There is actually no clear-cut definition for the term. Some even have somewhat contrasting definitions for it. Music bands in the 70s and 80s popularized “punk rock” which was said to be about songs involving one’s struggle for freedom. This may be freedom from norms, from stereotypes, from usual rules of society. But others label punk rock as those that have offensive lyrics. Punk rock for some people became an outlet of expressing anger and as a means of social alienation.

Whether there are contrasting meanings to the term, one thing is common though for this urban term or lingo. Over the years, being punk remained as being “individual”. Individualism is more or less the generic meaning of this term as it somewhat evolved over the years. ‘Being punk’ is to know yourself and what to believe in, regardless of what others believe in. Being punk is doing something out of passion and not out of conformity to social norms. Punk has evolved into some form of individualistic attitude. And this attitude has penetrated on mostly the younger generation, who are usually eager to express themselves.

From being some form of attitude or self-expression, being punk has also evolved into a total lifestyle or culture. Being punk for some has individualistic taste in clothing. Those who want to look punk now have the means of expressing themselves through their clothing, without necessarily involving themselves in the individualistic lifestyle or culture.

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