What is pumpkin puree?

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What is pumpkin puree?

Puree is a term used for food or food items that are crushed or grounded to come up with a thick soup or pasty texture.  Commonly used for purees are root crops, fruits, and vegetables.  Pumpkin purees are basic purees with the pumpkin fruit as the main ingredient.  Other people also refer to pumpkin purees as simply mashed pumpkins because they are made by mashing the flesh of the fruit, similar to mashed potatoes.

Pumpkin purees may be made through a blender or a mashing equipment or food processor.  The whole idea is to ground the pumpkin and make it soupy or pasty in texture.  As with other purees, pumpkin purees are common food items for babies.  But aside from babies, pumpkin purees may also be eaten as is, as dips in salads, or as toppings for other food items.

To make pumpkin purees, many people suggest having the pumpkins baked in the oven first to make them tender.  Once tender, the pumpkin flesh may now be scraped and processed through a blender or food processor.  One may add seasonings to create the desired flavor.  Some people also mix some milk to make the mixture creamier.  Others also add some starch and sugar for a thicker texture.

Pumpkin purees may be eaten alone or mixed with other dishes and food items.  Aside from using them as baby food, dips, or toppings, pumpkin puree may also be used as spread for pancakes and as fillings for pies.  Pies filled with pumpkin puree are popular breakfast food items in many parts of the US.  At lunch and supper time, pumpkin puree may also be used as flavoring or additive to some dishes.  Meat dishes may be served with the pumpkin puree as the sauce while vegetables may have pumpkin puree toppings.  Pumpkin purees are also typically used in desserts with various applications like creamy pies, pastries, and tarts.

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