What is Public Administration?

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public administration

Public administration refers to functions in government that relate to planning, directing, controlling, organizing and coordinating public affairs. It is concerned with implementation of policies and is usually regarded as responsible for identifying government programs. Public administration is usually featured in every country irrespective of the kind of government system the country has. It is practiced at national level, middle level and local levels within a country. Actually, how the various levels of government in a single country relate represents an escalating problem on public administration. In many parts of the world, establishing highly qualified executive and administrative personnel has made public administration a profession that stands out. All the persons working in public administration are referred to as civil servants. In the US and other few countries, the elite class conventionally attached to civil service has been abandoned, either by design, resulting in partial and slow recognition of professionals in public service.

How Public Administration Compares to other Professions

Generally, public service contrasts with other professions that require full time service to the state. Such professions include the judiciary, military and the police service. Specialized functions, otherwise known as professional civil service, offer technical as opposed to general support in administration. Conventionally, there is a clear distinction between local civil service and diplomatic or duties undertaken abroad in many countries. A civil servant is therefore the term used to describe a group of people that are employed to provide direct administration services with regard to a country’s internal affairs. The status and roles of such persons are usually not ministerial, political, constabulary or military in nature. In many countries such as Britain, civil service excludes state corporations and local governments. In other countries, especially unitary states where public administration is the core responsibility of the national government, some employees are provincial employees are part of the civil servants.

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