What is PTCB?

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What is PTCB?
PTCB stands for Pharmacy Technician Certification Board. It has the main objective to develop, promote, maintain and administer high quality programs for certification and recertification of professionals in this field. It provides first-rate courses, programs and services that deliver opportunity to pharmacy technicians for knowledge mastery and skill enhancements for their practice settings. Through this program or certification board, professionals could work with much higher rates of efficiency to provide better service and patient care.

There are basic vision and goals that this program delivers especially giving support to the national credentialing process for technicians through tons of practice settings. Through this board, these professionals could best and more effective work with pharmacists. This is very important because it could boost the positive interaction of pharmacists and their technician team. It is a critical relationship, which could provide excellent healthcare environment.

PTCB is a national program, which establishes the quality of the certification process that enhances the working environment and credibility of pharmacy technicians, their employers, patients and pharmacists. It basically provides the solutions for all the challenges on the pharmacy practice in whatever setting it may be.

In getting and qualifying for the exam, the PTCB requires all technicians to pass primarily the certification process. It is composed of the PTCB test in a national level, which must be also passed. When this test is eventually passed, the professional could use the CPhT designation. However, in order to continue using this privilege and designation, it is a requirement to have the completion of the recertification.

If you browse the website of the PTCB, you would discover its eligibility standards. To be eligible for the examination, a candidate must first possess a high school diploma. There must be no felony conviction or records, no drugs or pharmacy convictions. The person must also have no records of denial, suspension, restriction or revocation of any registration or licensure.

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