What is PSP Tube?

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What is PSP Tube?
PSP tube refers to the homebrew application which is primarily designed to view and play videos from YouTube straight to your portable play station device. Thus, if you are a junkie of this world-renowned and highly used video website, this application is a must-know and must-have.

How do you use this type of homebrew application? The process of playing and viewing any videos from YouTube to your PSP gadget is done through WIFI. For instance, this allows you to save and watch the videos you pick from YouTube so that you could access the video file on your portable device without too much hassle on connectivity.

PSP Tube is highly recommended and preferred by most internet fanatics and YouTube buffs because there is no need for you to go through the conversion of YouTube video files. This is unlike using PC or laptop where you still need to convert the YouTube files through the converter software so that you could access and play it in your device. Through this application, you could save and watch right away on your PSP.

The foolproof process or method for this application is very easy to follow and hassle-free. For instance, you just need to download and run the PSP tube application which you could actually access and get from various websites in the internet. The next thing to do is to establish connection to your wireless network. Search the video or videos you wanted to save and play in your device from YouTube and you’re up and ready for the ultimate viewing experience the innovative way.

The first step to enjoying the PSP Tube homebrew application is to have it installed in your portable device. Make your PSP capable to run this system and make sure you also have other needed custom firmware and Winrar to extract the needed files.

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