What is PRSA?

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What is PRSA?
PRSA stands for Public Relations Society of America which is said to be the biggest organization involving PR professionals. The society has its headquarters in New York but has offices and chapters spread throughout the US. In fact there are more than 100 chapters of the PRSA and 300 chapters of “student-based” groups all across the US today. At present, the organization boasts of more than 30,000 members, including public relations professionals and students taking this particular field.

As an organization, the PRSA was founded in 1947 basically to promote the profession of public relations, to help professionals in this field, and to promote the organization itself. As per the organizations definition, the field of public relations can help the society regardless of the nature or field a person is affiliated with. Whether people come from different sectors of society like government, manufacturing industries, technological organizations, schools, hospitals, or other sectors, people could all benefit from the field of public relations.

As part of its mission to advance the profession of public relations, the organization or society provides support and training to all PR professionals. The society is also in-charge of setting the correct standards in practicing the profession and makes sure that all these standards are ethically correct. The society also aims to be the direct and ultimate source of data and any information regarding the public relations profession in order to further improve existing guidelines and standards.

The PRSA also seeks out to students enrolled in public relations degrees to help them with their needs regarding this field. The society also provides a career helpdesk or center to aid those seeking for jobs in the public relations field. Members of the PRSA can have their resumes posted on the main database for a specific period free of charge. In this way, members will have a greater chance of finding a job in the public relations industry.

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